Welcome to Strategic Wealth, LLC

 "The swing is much more important than the club."
- Don Blanton


Start with Why

Your future, and what you want it to be, is the reason why Strategic Wealth, LLC was created.

What We Do

Strategic Wealth, LLC is a financial planning and wealth management firm that caters to people like you and the business you run.  At the personal level, we help to design the plan that funds the education of your children or grandchildren and that allows you to retire at the age and income you desire.  We also work to create the insurance and estate plan that secures your family and that supports the people and organizations that have meaning in your life. 
Business planning is a large part of our work.  If you are a business owner, we help you stabilize the value of your business through the use of buy-sell agreements and key person insurance.  Through fringe benefit planning - including the optimal use of business retirement plans like 401(k)s and profit sharing plans, etc. - we create personal benefits for you and your key people and use business dollars to fund them.  To enhance your business's profitability and long-term value, we help you to attract and retain the key people that truly make a difference to your company through the design and implementation of special bonus and/or non-qualified deferred compensation programs.

How We Are Different

What is it that really makes a difference in helping you achieve your financial goals?  Is it great financial products?  As an independent, fee-based firm, we offer them.  Products alone however, don't make for financial success.....any more than an expensive golf club makes one a great golfer....or a sharp scalpel makes one a great surgeon.  Knowledge and skill is what makes the difference.  At Strategic Wealth, LLC, we have a high level of knowledge regarding business entities, trusts, tax law and the techniques used to minimize the "wealth transfers" that naturally occur in most people's financial lives.  Our specialized knowledge and the techniques we employ - combined with very good investment and insurance products - can make a significant difference to you and your financial life. 
Let us know how we can help. 

The Clubs

Qualified Retirement Plans
Disability Insurance
Life Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance
Medicare Advantage
Medicare Supplements

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The Swing

College Funding
Estate Planning
Exit Planning for Owners
Investment Management*
Retirement Planning
Social Security Strategies

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*Securities and Investment Advisory Services offered exclusively through Hornor, Townsend, & Kent, Inc.